On this you will feel as though you have stepped back in time. Sarajevo is one of the most historically curious and diverse cities in Europe. It is an illustration of historical turbulences and the clash of civilizations, as well as a beacon of hope for peace and tolerance through multi-cultural integration.

First, the tour will take you to the Sarajevo City Hall, one of the most beautiful buildings from the Austro-Hungarian period. It is the National Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it faces the Miljacka River and the Emperors Mosque, the oldest mosque in the town.

We will take you to the Latin Bridge, also known as the Princip's Bridge, where Franz Ferdinad was assassinated.

On our walk through Bascarsija, the old part of the town built in the Ottoman period, you will really be able to feel the soul of the city, learn about the local food, crafts, traditions and many other things.

We will visit the Bezistan, a covered market, with many small trade shops. You will also learn about the Tašlihan – remains of the biggest karavan-saray in the town.

We will aslo enter the Gazi Husrev Bey's Mosque, the Cathedral Church of the Naivity of the Theotokos, the Old Jewish Temple and the Sacred Heart Cathedral – where you can see for yourself why Sarajevo is poplar as the „European Jerusalem“.

You will also  hear about: the Sebilj, East meets West, Morića han, the Spite House, the Kazandžiluk and Bravadžiluk Streets, the Sarajevo Roses...


10:00 AM; 2:00 PM




Show up 10 minutes ahead of the pick up time, flat shoes, layered clothing, water and big smile.

A licensed tour guide, all taxes

Prices are based on 3 person groups.

Ask the operator or staff at the reception about tours for larger groups,

possible discounts or the tour pricing for groups smaller than 3 persons.


14,00 €


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