The Spirit of Herzegovina is seen in its canyons and rivers. You will track the Neretva River, one of the largest and most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The river starts at Zelengora mountain and runs into the Adriatic Sea. On your trip with the Mostar UNESCO Tour you will witness the beauty and history of Herzegovina starting from the Bradina tunnel which is the divide between Bosnia & Herzegovina. On your descent from Bradina on our Mostar UNESCO Tour you will see Konjic a city that has had settlements going back as far as 4000 years ago - the Illyrians and the Jablaničko Lake, an artificially formed accumulated lake on the Neretva River in the wide canyon of the Neretva following Konjic. The next city and the heart of Herzegovina is Mostar and the fifth largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The city of Konjic hosts one of the country's most famous landmarks - The Old Bridge - a UNESCO heritage site. The name of the city comes from the word for "bridge keepers" - Mostari who guarded the bridge of the city. The next gem of Herzegovina is Blagaj which sits on the spring of the Buna River, which has a historical tekke, or Dervish monastery at its spring. On our Mostar UNESCO Tour we will also visit Počitelj which is home to the Počitelj Fort which was built in the 15th century and a historic mosque in the heart of the city, which regularly hosts art colonies and is tribute to what an inspiration Herzegovina, Neretva and Počitelj are for  generations of artists from around the world.



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